The TASS Way

Individualized Approach


Our evidence-based, individualized approach to treatment from a highly-skilled, transdisciplinary team helps clients achieve a more independent and productive life. Through years of working and supervising the successful care of clients together, our transdisciplinary team has developed both the practical knowledge and formal training needed to build approaches for each client that addresses their individual needs. Supervision, oversight, and the close involvement of transdisciplinary therapies are integrated in dynamic strategies developed around the specific needs of each client. This tailored approach to post-acute brain injury care is vital to leading clients to recovery at a pace that is optimal for their physical, behavioral and emotional needs.

Comprehensive Care

TASS Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center is a post-acute, community re-entry program providing comprehensive, rehabilitative services to individuals following an acquired brain injury, dually diagnosed spinal cord injury, and their families. TASS's dynamic rehabilitative programs are designed to meet each client's individual needs and provide quality care across the post-acute spectrum. Our expertise allows us to help our clients recover to the fullest by providing a full range of rehabilitation and social services to treat and support each of clients, whether long term or short term. .

Personalized Services


To further advance client recovery, clients maintain the same primary staff members from the first day of service to assist in the building of personal relationships provide consistency and allow for ease in resolving client issues as they arise. Our 24-hour support and monitoring services also aid in moving recovery forward by allowing us to resolve any challenge to treatment in a timely manner and mitigate the disruptions that can inhibit improvement.

Transdisciplinary Team

TASS’s small size and close knit, experienced, transdisciplinary team creates a home-like environment while using proven therapies to provide a results-driven, comprehensive care program. Our size allows us to serve clients through active, hands-on clinical therapy, gives us flexibility and freedom in developing tailored treatment options and enables us to adapt quickly to the changing needs of clients as they progress through the continuum of care. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes recovery by combining all the comforts of home and family with leading, therapeutic care that advances clients to their individual treatment goals.

Self Sufficiency


For most, the goal of therapy is the successful return to school, home and/or community that in some way mirrors their previous lifestyle. To better enable a client to return to their previous lifestyle, TASS caters every component of therapy to the needs of each client while maintaining a high standard of care.  The TASS Way to treatment incorporates the collaboration of all vested parties in the recovery of each client by working together to achieving self sufficiency through collaborative goal setting, open communication, trust and relationship building and most importantly, individualized care.


Our combination of personalized services, dedicated on-site clinical staff and a comfortable, rural, trusting environment encourages client progress and enables us to provide more options, tailored solutions and long-term results. Central to our success is our ability to provide critical services while supporting the individual needs of the client and their families as we all work together achieving self sufficiency.

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