Disclosure and Scope of Services

Ages: TASS Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center allows adults ages 18 and older to obtain services.

Activity Limitations: Upon admission and throughout the client’s stay with TASS, activity limitations will be monitored and measured. The team will work with these limitations to find adapted strategies to allow the client to participate in as many activities as possible and that will improve the clients’ limitations, as well as strengthening weaknesses.

Behavioral Status:  Upon admission and throughout the client’s stay with TASS, the behavioral status of the client will be assessed. Changes in behavior will be immediately addressed and appropriate measures will be taken to deescalate negative behaviors and ensure the overall safety of the client and the other clients residing in the facility. The legally responsible persons will be notified of any behavior changes, and steps to address behavior will be decided with this individual and the entire care team.

Cultural Needs: It will be necessary to discuss cultural preferences, differences, and needs of the client before admission into the facility. TASS wants to provide the most comfortable atmosphere for the individual. Understanding any cultural differences will help the team to be aware and help to ensure all necessary steps are taken to create inclusivity.

Impairments: It will be necessary to discuss and address any impairments the client may have before admission into the facility. These impairments will be addressed to the team, and adaptations will be made to maximize the functionality of the environment for the individual.

Intended Discharge/transitional environments:  It will be beneficial to discuss the intended end goal living environment for the individual in order to get a clear picture of where the individual should transfer to after their stay with TASS. We will work hard to help the client to become as independent as possible before discharge. However, if the client will still need additional assistance, or lifelong assistance, it will be necessary to discuss options that are available to suit their needs. This can be done before transferring from our facility, and the Director will work to ensure the client and family are well educated on all options before deciding on transfer or discharge.

Medical Acuity: Upon admission, the medical acuity of the client will be assessed and addressed. The team will assist the client in understanding and accepting their current condition and inform them of the future state of their condition.

Medical Stability: At TASS, clients’ medical status will be constantly observed and monitored. If for some reason a client should have a decrease in stability, the client will be taken to be seen by their Primary Care Provider or taken to the emergency room depending on the urgency of the situation. Client will be able to return to the facility once verified as stable by a medical professional.

Participation restrictions: Participation restrictions (such as not being able to obtain a job, obtain a driver’s license, or participating in community activities) will be addressed before admission, and TASS’s team will help the client develop skills that will hopefully lead to these restrictions being lifted. TASS care team will do this by creating short term goals that the client can meet and continue to progress toward achievement of the entire skill that is necessary to have the restriction lifted.

Psychological Status: Upon admission to TASS, the psychological status of the client will be assessed. If it is deemed the client would benefit from psychological attention, the TASS team will discuss the best options available with the legally responsible persons as well as the client, will ensure transportation to and from necessary treatment and will continue to monitor and assess psychological status.

Populations Served: Individuals that are 18 and older with a professional diagnosed brain injury or spinal cord injury.

Setting: TASS Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center is a post- acute brain injury rehabilitation program licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health.

Hours of Service: The program is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Staff cannot sleep while working in the home

Payer Sources: Private Insurance, Private Pay, Veterans Affairs, and Workers Compensation programs.

Estimated length of stay: Upon admission to TASS, the team will develop an individual rehabilitation plan. That plan will estimate the length of your stay. Length of stay is also determined by progress on achieving goals and objectives, improvement in Mayo Portland assessment scores, and by the funder of services. Every three months, or more often as required by the funder, progress report are sent to the funder of services, who then determine your length of stay.

Fees and payment: The payer for services will be responsible to pay the daily rate for services.  Room and board costs are included in the service fee. The financial agreement outlines the costs of services and items the client will be responsible to pay for. The Agreements are reviewed as part of initial orientation to services, signed, and filed in the client’s medical record. The client and legally responsible person are provided copies of the two signed agreements.

Referral Sources: TASS works with local hospitals as well as hospitals around Louisiana and the country for possible referrals. We also work with the Managed Care Organizations, Case Workers, Physicians, Department of Human Services, Veterans affairs, Social Workers, and workers compensation companies to look for individuals who may benefit from the services we provide.

Intensity of Services Provided: TASS can provide a wide array of services to our patients. With employed Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Music Therapists, Massage Therapists, and RN available on staff. TASS considers possible therapies that may benefit clients on a case by case basis and will consult with therapists outside of the organization to come to the facility to provide services to clients or transport clients to these beneficial therapies.

Alternative resources to address additional identified needs: When there are needs identified for which there is no available funding source, the team will brainstorm ideas for resources. Outreach could occur with family, friends, advocacy organizations, brain injury association, faith based organizations, and other known organizations that could provide resources to address the identified needs.




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Disclosure and Scope of Services

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